7 Easy Rules of Logo Designing

1) A logo must convey information:

A logo, like any other design, must convey a message. As the best logo designing company in Coimbatore we just mean to share or impart when we say communicate. A message can take the form of a tale, a concept, an emotion, or a mood.

The best logo designing companies in Coimbatore say a logo's message can be communicated through the symbol itself, which represents a brand's primary value, product, or service. Alternatively, it can convey a message through the design's execution—simplicity, luxury, high-tech, low-tech, and vintage are all easily conveyed through design execution. Alternatively, like Amazon's A-Z logo or Twitter's bird logo, the logo might tell a wider story that is either understood implicitly or only after some explanation.

a) A logo can tell you the name of the brand

The term Logo is short for logotype, which is design jargon for a trademark created from a hand-lettered word. Whether the trademark is a logotype, symbol, monogram, or other graphic element, the term logo has become synonymous with trademark.

But this does give the best logo designing companies in Coimbatore a hint as to what a logo's most basic function is: to tell us what the brand is. Coca-Cola, IBM, and Ford are all emblems that are essentially variations on the brand name. Apple, Twitter, and Nike all began with a logo that included their name and was independent of any logotype. They were only able to remove their name from their emblem after a lot of repetition and almost universal symbol recognition.

b) The brand name can be visually represented by a logo:

This is one of the most typical logo applications. "Apple" is all that the apple logo means. It's a representation of an apple. You can see a window in the Windows logo. Taco Bell's logo is shaped like a bell. When you consider that nautic means "of or involving sailors," the Nautica emblem is a sailboat, which makes sense.

c) A logo might reveal information about a company's mission:

PetCo, Nvidia, DirecTV, Burger King, and Sprite are all good examples. In each situation, the logo conveys information about the company. The depiction of a cat and a dog by PetCo is pretty precise. Nvidia displays an eye that is related to graphics cards. The Burger King emblem is sandwiched between two hamburgers, and Sprite has lemon and lime in it.

d) A logo can communicate a sense, mood, or emotion:

Being a logo designing company in Coimbatore we have seen certain names have little to do with the product, and in this case, the logo's execution conveys the brand's attitude. For example, the LEGO logo is written in a fun font with primary colours red and yellow. Despite the fact that LEGO does not signify any of those things in English, the logo quickly conveys a sense of pleasure, youth, and play.

e) A logo can tell, or at least imply, a story:

One might easily argue that this is the best type of logo. These are the logos that stay with you for a long time. The backstory behind the Starbucks logo involves a Norse woodcut siren. The Bluetooth logo's origins can be traced back to a Danish king. The renowned Ferrari logo was inspired by a prominent Italian World War I fighter pilot. Even the three dots in the Domino's logo have meaning: they represent the original number of franchises at the time the brand was established. Did you know that the Unilever logo has 23 different illustrations, one for each of the industries and fields where the company's products are used?

2) A logo must be appropriate:

This is a no-brainer, and it's almost certain if the first principle is followed. It is, however, a point that many new designers or logo designing company in Coimbatore overlook when they begin the logo design process with "let's develop something that looks cool" rather than "let's make something that delivers the brand message."

The problem with most designs on sites like 99Designs.com is that the design process—which is normally 90% research and 10% design—is wrongly balanced to 5% research (whatever "brief" is provided on the site) and 95% "designing." In truth, most logos consist of simply writing the company's name and adding a stock vector element.

Being one of the best logo designing companies in Coimbatore we've noticed several articles that suggest that "a logo should be acceptable" as a last point on the relevancy of designs. While this is true to some extent, the negative criterion—a logo should not be inappropriate—is the preferable guideline.

3) A logo should be easily remembered:

It takes a combination of chance, repetition, and ingenuity to make a logo memorable. Aside from that, there are a few things you should avoid as a logo designing company in Coimbatore while designing a logo. First and foremost, disregard your first concept. Your first idea is almost always the same as every other designer's first idea. Showing a coffee bean in a logo for a coffee company is not going to be remembered. Don't do a drop if you're making a water filter logo. Also, if you're making an organic logo, avoid using a leaf!

4) A logo should have a long lifespan:

Another important aspect of logo design is ensuring that it is ageless. It's probably not a smart idea for the best best logo designing companies in Coimbatore to create a logo for something that hasn't existed for at least 50 years. Good logos are built on aspects that will last a long time. The Apple logo, as seen earlier, is a fruit that is associated with humanity's beginnings. The logo would have lasted two years if it had been developed around the shape and form of the first Apple computer. A bird serves as the Twitter logo. Starbucks' emblem is based on a sea monster. Ferrari's logo depicts a horse.

5) There should be no unnecessary parts in a logo:

This point was originally supposed to be that a logo crafted by any logo designing company in Coimbatoreshould be simple. And this is true in the vast majority of events and situations. The more straightforward a logo is, the easier it is to remember and explain. I can tell you to go to the fast-food place with the large yellow arches if I want you to go to McDonald's. The store with the red target on it is known as Target. The swoosh is Nike. The apple that has had a bite taken out of it is known as an apple with a bite taken out of it.

However, there are some logos that aren't as simple but still work. A nice example is the Coca-Cola logo. Since its inception in 1887, the logo has remained practically unchanged. It is not simple in any definition of the term, but it is one of the most recognisable logos in the world due to its recurrence and distinctiveness.

The Ritz-Carlton, for example, has a sophisticated emblem of a lion's head on top of a crown. The complexity of the logo, in fact, is an important aspect of the message that even thebest logo designing companies in Coimbatorecan take notes. The brand is described as elite and luxury. It's impossible to duplicate, and there's even a hint that it's impossible to accomplish or achieve. The Ralph Lauren and Ferrari logos both use the same design messaging. This method is also used by high-end beverages.

6) A logo should be well-designed from a technical standpoint:

A well-designed logo is essential. That, however, is stating the obvious. Furthermore, each point made in this essay adds up to a well-designed logo. However, there are two parts to design that logo designing company in Coimbatore should look for: the concept and the implementation.

Your idea, no matter how unique, intelligent, or amazing, will fall flat until it is skillfully executed. When it comes to poster and cover designs made by best logo designing companies in Coimbatore, we follow a rule of thumb: the brighter your idea, the more you can get away with in execution; conversely, the weaker your idea, the better your execution must be.

This is a simple concept that may be applied to logo design. The Google logo was a bad idea in the first place, and it was even worse in implementation. However, the logo gained popularity and became instantly recognisable. The logo has been perfected in execution while still preserving the original, weak notion now that the corporation can afford the best designers in the world.

Other logo updates show the same pattern. The idea is usually not updated when the logo is well-known. Rather, the execution is fine-tuned.

7) A logo should be adaptable:

Reputed logo designing company in Coimbatore an excellent logo can be utilised in a variety of contexts. A 16 x 16px favicon, a website header, a business card, or a building sign are all examples. Let's have a look at this in more detail:

The colours black and white:

A logo should be legible in both black and white. I perceive a poor design whenever we see a logo that uses gradients, tones, and colours to establish distinctiveness. I've heard the argument that because we don't use fax machines anymore, this is an out-of-date design rule, yet guess what we still use:

  • Foiling and embossing
  • Engraving
  • Metal badges
  • Embroidery
  • Icons