Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Website Redesigning

DO NOT perform a hard reset when it comes to your existing design:

Many businesses handle a makeover as if it were a complete overhaul. They don't strive to remember or reflect about what they've learned in the past. That is the error: even if you plan to entirely modify the aesthetics of your website, restructure the structure, or add new sections through website revamping services in Coimbatore there are still a lot of insights to be gained from your current site. There are a lot of things you can learn from how your clients respond and engage with your current design and copy and apply them to a new site.

DO analyse the reason for what brings people to your site:

Perhaps the most important thing you can do as part of a website redesign is to thoroughly understand why people visit your site and make sure you're addressing their demands while also removing any barriers. Several website redesigning company in Coimbatore have improved their services by perfecting this aspect.

DO NOT go with a design-first approach when redesigning:

Often, a firm undergoing a makeover may become enthralled and go right into mockups, wireframes, and colour palettes without considering the text that would be required on the page. They'll create lovely solutions using Lorem Ipsum text blocks and then bring in a copywriter or content person at the end of the process, when all this person can do is hope they can find decent words that suit the provided frame or settle for mediocre copy. While an experienced website redesigning company in Coimbatore would recommend you to emphasize on both design and content part side-by-side.

DO NOT just rely on metrics for measuring your progress:

The bounce rate is a prominent indicator for a website overhaul. Designers frequently aim to reduce the percentage of visitors who abandon a website after reading only the page on which they arrived; this difference is sometimes used to compare an old site to a freshly renovated one by website revamping services in Coimbatore.

But consider this: many website redesigning company in Coimbatore suggest that if the purpose of your redesign is to provide people with what they're searching for, they may suddenly be able to discover it on the very page they landed on, rather than having to navigate through numerous sites. As a result, your bounce rate will increase.

DO remove unnecessary SEO clutter and boost accessibility:

During a major website redesign, take advantage of the opportunity to clean out any clutter by integrating material where it makes sense. Any major pages should be 301 redirected, and don't worry about the minor ones; Google will find them out in due time. With the help of website revamping services in Coimbatore utilize the proper keywords in your URLs, especially for current URLs that use abbreviations: utilising shortened versions in your URLs might lead to you losing out on some wonderful keywords. It's also a good area to use keywords that aren't allowed in text.

DO rely on user research to enhance your redesign:

As a website redesigning company in Coimbatore, we've worked on a few of website redesigns where the user research was either insufficient or, worse yet, the insights acquired from user research were completely ignored in favour of other factors such as competitor sites or industry trends. We were overly affected by the design employed by other software firms and the fact that we saw our old site as archaic in one example while revamping the website of a financial software company.