The Biggest Trends in Website Development We've Seen This Year

The world of web development is continually and swiftly developing and web development company in Coimbatore are not staying back. We witness a constant flow of new apps, websites, functionalities, and features as new technologies emerge and consumer expectations grow.

As we approach 2022, it's time to think about where the industry is going. What does the coming year have in store for web development? Let us investigate.

1. Single-page apps

Our first trend is a direct result of user browsing patterns. In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices accounted for 54.8 percent of all website traffic worldwide. While the shift away from desktop is nothing new, it helps to emphasise the importance of planning and developing for mobile by web development companies in Coimbatore.

Users today value simplicity and quickness, and single-page websites developed by web development company in Coimbatore have to deliver on both counts. They are, as the name implies, made up of only one long web page. The page is separated into logical sections rather than a traditional menu or complex navigation mechanism. To get to the relevant part, the user merely needs to scroll down in one continuous motion or click on anchor links.

SPAs appear nice on all devices, are incredibly scroll-friendly (a smartphone user's dream), and may even aid to increase conversions. However, as with any trend, each website's individual use case must be considered by web development company in Coimbatore to see whether this design pattern is the best solution.

2. Progressive web applications

Once again, mobile is having an impact on the next trend: the emergence of progressive web apps.

Progressive web applications developed by the best web development companies in Coimbatore have the appearance and behaviour of mobile apps, but they are simply web pages that run in the browser. PWAs, according to Google, combine the best of both worlds: "They are beneficial to users from the very first visit in a browser tab, with no installation necessary." As the user develops a relationship with the app over time, it grows increasingly powerful. It runs quickly, even on slow networks, gives pertinent push alerts, has a home screen icon, and loads as a full-screen experience."

Web development company in Coimbatore say PWAs offer several benefits in addition to duplicating the popular mobile app experience in the internet. They can function offline, are incredibly immersive and fascinating, and load exceptionally quickly because much of the content is cached. They, unlike smartphone apps, may be found online via search and do not require installation.

As with any other online project, you'll need a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a progressive web app. The advanced element is built on service workers at web development company in Coimbatore, which allows you to create a full offline experience and add things like push notifications, as well as the web app manifest (manifest.json.file), which allows the user to install the app on the homescreen. The procedure is outlined in this Google codelab.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The AI craze never seems to die down, but it wouldn't be a trends list if we didn't cover chatbots. The previous year has demonstrated more than ever how inevitable automation is across all industries, with chatbots frequently being the most obvious example.

User expectations are high in this age of perpetual connectedness. The old 9-5 customer service model is no longer adequate: we require 24/7 access to answers and information, which is where chatbots come in and web development company in Coimbatore should be more than equipped to build these services for its clients. These virtual assistants have soon become the standard, with the Covid-19 issue hastening their adoption to the point where they can be seen on the majority of corporate websites.

Because they have fast expanded from customer service to a significant conversational marketing tool (with Instagram automated messaging being a hot 2022 trend), today's web developers and web development company in Coimbatore must be familiar with the technology that powers them.

This entails learning the fundamentals of Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Artificial Intelligence. Context-based interactions will be important, and the emphasis will move to real-time rather than static user experiences.

4. Voice recognition technology

Despite lower-than-expected adoption, there were more than 157 million smart assistant in American homes last year. Not only are consumers asking Siri or Alexa for the weather or to play some soft jazz, but consumer spending on voice assistants will increase by 18% this year, with revenues reaching $19 billion.

Outside of e-commerce, voice interface technology is rapidly increasing, and there is a growing demand for voice-savvy web developers (as well as UI designers using VUI). We've already discussed how to become a voice user interface designer, but prospective web developers and web development company in Coimbatore should focus on optimising every programme they work on for voice search and navigation, especially mobile apps.

5. Push alerts on websites

Push notifications aren't limited to smartphone apps. Websites are also utilising this user engagement tool, and this is a trend that will continue beyond 2022. Web development company in Coimbatore should work on this and not take it lightly.

Brands, like chatbots, are continually looking for new methods to engage with users and give relevant information at the right time. If the user has notifications enabled, they can receive useful updates even if the website is not active.

The server sending message information to a service worker is referred to as pushing. The information is subsequently sent to the user in the form of a notification by the service worker. The Push API makes this feasible on the web. Push notifications are quite simple to implement from a development standpoint, and they provide the benefit of increased engagement without the requirement to construct a mobile app. Web development company in Coimbatore can begin learning them by attending Google's coding workshop.