The Evolution of Ecommerce Website

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The following is a timeline of eCommerce's history and evolution.

1969: Dr. John R. Goltz and Jeffrey Wilkins build CompuServe, the first big eCommerce company, using a dial-up connection. This is the very first time that eCommerce has been mentioned.

1979: Michael Aldrich is credited with inventing electronic shopping (He is also considered as founder or inventor of eCommerce). This was accomplished by using a telephone line to connect a transaction-processing computer to a customised television. This was done in order to send secure data.

1982: Due to the ongoing advancement of technology, notably in the field of electronics, Boston Computer Exchange launches the first eCommerce platforms.

1992: Charles M. Stack launched Book Stacks Unlimited, an online bookshop, in the 1990s, taking the internet company to the next level. It was one of the first websites to offer online shopping.

1994: Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark introduce Netscape Navigator, a web browser tool. It ran on the Windows operating system.

1995 was a watershed moment in the history of eCommerce, with the creation of Amazon and eBay. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, whereas Pierre Omidyar founded eBay.

1998: PayPal introduces the first eCommerce payment system as a tool for money transactions.

1999: Alibaba launched its online commerce platform with a capital of more than $25 million. It grew into an eCommerce behemoth over time.

2000: Google AdWords, the first online advertising tool, was launched to assist shops in utilising the pay-per-click (PPC) environment.

2005 to 2009:
eCommerce has evolved in the following ways during the last four years:

2005: Amazon Prime membership was introduced as a way for customers to get free two-day shipping for an annual fee.

Etsy was founded in 2005 to allow small and medium-sized businesses to sell their products online.

2005: Square, Inc. is founded as an app-based service.

BigCommerce was founded in 2005 by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper as an online storefront platform.

2009: Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey founded Twitter.

In the field of eCommerce, there has been a lot of progress in recent years, such as:

2011: Google introduces its online wallet payment software.

2011: One of the first moves by Facebook to introduce sponsored stories for advertisements.

2014: Apple released Apply Pay, an online payment app.

2014:, an online shopping portal, was created.

2017: Instagram launches shoppable tags, allowing users to sell directly from the site. During this time, Cyber Monday sales surpassed $6.5 billion.

2018: Global eCommerce sales reaches $ 2.9 trillion of which 80% was accounted by Amazon. Purchases made by voice assistance started becoming a common practice.

2019: Global eCommerce sales reaches $ 3.5 trillion. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Apple accounted for 61% of these sales.

2020: Despite the negative impact of the global pandemic, global ecommerce sales reached $4.13 trillion an increase of 18% over 2019.

2021: Over 2 billion people made regular ecommerce transactions around the world, and mobile ecommerce has continued to rise, accounting for about 73 percent of total sales.

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