Reasons That Lead Google to Suspend Your Local Listings

In the world of digital marketing Google in the past decade has opened Pandora’s Box for numerous businesses around the world be it a small or large scale, local or international business. Cloud Dreams is the best website designing company in Coimbatore that crafts unique and eye-pleasing websites that do justice to the brand and product of our clients. With all the benefits Google brings to the desk it also imposes certain regulations to level the playing field and to avoid business establishments from posting any information that may mislead the customers. Our company is a leading SEO company in Coimbatore that specializes in this topic and will elaborate the reasons due to which Google may suspend your listings in this blog.

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Having Multiple Pages for the Same Page:

It is common for Google to suspend your web page if they are seen to have more than one address in them. This step is taken because the web page does not give a decisive address for the people who visit your website and sends a distrust for them. Cloud Dreams is the best company for on-page SEO services and off-page SEO services that takes much care of complying with Google’s regulations in order to be perfect. To avoid this, make sure you do not place various addresses on a single web page. As the best web Development Company in Coimbatore Cloud Dreams gives the most professional service to its clients. Also, it is important to update the address of your business on the website regularly. If not updated from time-to-time Google can take that your business to be no more active and may suspend the web page.

Irrelevant Keywords:

Cloud Dreams is a leading SEO consultancy services in Coimbatore that has provided over the years its top-end services to its clients. Another reason for your web page to get suspended is when it contains additional keywords along with your business title. Irrelevant keywords can be the area’s pin code, contact number, etc which at any time should be avoided. A better solution is Google could recommend keywords that are suitable for your business that can be used when designing your website. With utmost care Cloud Dreams, the best web design company in Coimbatore takes relevant steps to have your website professional from the get-go.

Improper URL:

Google Algorithm update plays a crucial role in the SEO profession and so professionals around the world are more attentive and invested to the tech giants' updates regarding with Google Algorithm. As you can see the importance of optimizing and the ways Google Algorithm shapes up how you can use SEO for better results and engagement with the customers.If any of the URL provided in your website seems to take the user to a domain that does not relate completely to the URL will end in Google suspending the listing. It is easy for Google to do so because all URLs in DNS are registered in My Business of Google that enables the American IT giants to monitor any irregularities. Cloud Dreams is the best responsive web design company in Coimbatore that pays special attention to not mentioning phone numbers or URLs that may mislead the customers that visit your website.

Having an Un-Verified Business:

When your business is not verified by an industry-standard then your website can very well be suspended. Getting the verification done makes your business to be more trustable.

Absence of Physical Store:

This is a basic rule that almost every businessman would know. To list under local business listings, you must have a genuine physical store for your product. Cloud Dreams the best e-commerce web designing company in Coimbatore suggests this very thing to every new client that we deal with. There can be no adjustments made regarding this regularity as it is mandatory. But yes, the scale of the store is not specified so it can vary from being a small to a large store.