The Biggest Trends in Branding We've Seen This Year

1. Eco brands drop the “eco” look

In current times earth is facing serious consequences from climatic change and loss of species. Unlike old times sustainability has seeped into our everyday lifestyle. Eco-friendly messages and campaigns are being conducted by multilateral countries to NGOs on a global scale. As a result, products are reaching a saturation point of featuring designs emphasizing on the ‘eco’ way. To achieve this targets brands will have to incorporate unique designs that are fresh from others that exist.

We are currently witnessing brands drop the usual colour pallet of green and brown in their designs this year. Classic images such as tress are also being featured less today. On the other hand, you can see the defining of a brand is more focused on conceptual art to levitate towards buyers.

2. Unorthodox branding

Looking sharp and sleek is great, but it can have a negative impact on your branding. Many brands want to show a different side of their personality in 2022. Messy layouts, jumbled words, and amateurish artworks are all examples of anti-art that we're seeing more and more in brand design. Whether it's eye-catching lettering or an out-of-place design label, disruptive branding allows businesses to demonstrate that they don't follow the rules.

3. Giving A Personal Touch for Brands with Monograms

As the importance of flexible employment and freelancing has grown, more people have needed to brand themselves as a business. Abbreviated logos are short and snappy, and they can give partners and clients the impression that they are investing in something special. Monograms will be a popular branding design trend in 2022. They're not new; they've been used on Greek coins since 350 BCE and can be found in fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. However, they are an excellent choice for the modern freelancer.

They make a strong statement about who you are by combining two or more initials in a single symbol. They're adaptable enough to fit in the middle of business cards or the margins of web pages, and their adaptability can help viewers appreciate your adaptability. And, with so many fonts and colours available, an abbreviated logo is a great way to demonstrate creativity.

4. Artistic Lines That Can Charm the Audience

Brands are also choosing to base their identities on handwritten, unpolished lettering and illustrations in 2022. These logos and brand messages, like the disruptive branding that's also making waves this year, can appear to have been created in five minutes. Giving a word or image a bold, childlike form, on the other hand, can help shape a brand, implying a charismatic and unpretentious company whose products are built with human hands and guided by genuine passion.

5. Magic of Simplistic Design

Everyone from 13th-century Zen monks to modern mindfulness gurus has suggested that we can find deep joy in the mundane. After months of seeing the pandemic shake many of us out of our routines and prompt many to seek solace in simple pleasures, it's no surprise to see brands and designers channel the magic of the mundane. However, if this 2022 branding trend is predictable, the manner in which it is being realised is anything but. Everyone seems to have their own opinion, whether it's vloggers focusing on their daily routines or tea brands focusing on cosy cups. This year, you might see a film festival transform mundane details into abstract art, or advertisements for smart apartment complexes focusing on croissants, tables, and the interplay of light and shadow. 2022 demonstrates that glamour can be found in unexpected places.

6. Unbound Opportunities of Digital Future

Retro-futurism was a key trend in 2021, but brand designers are turning up the heat in 2022. Brands are embracing increasingly techy and futuristic designs as money moves away from physical notes and companies open up augmented-reality visions like Facebook's Metaverse. Images might be picked out in ultraviolet or feature dynamic patterns that echo digital networks or neural pulses. Mysterious symbols and crisp lines have become common amid branding designs that tries to showcase hyper modernism and achieve giving objects of everyday an evocative twist. The aim is to deliver designs that have the amalgamation of both real and aspirational that points towards the future, meanwhile placing consumers in the present.

7. Standout Mascots

Brand mascots paint a picture of story that can be told with the best marketing campaigns through which they have a definite life of their own. Numerous mascots also give out a classic feel, due to its reach, elusive history and reach as the prominent ones were created decades. Mascots are making a comeback in 2022, after a quiet start to the century, thanks to clever branding designs that are packed with sly humour and personality.