Tips to Create a Mobile Friendly Website for 2021

Select a mobile-friendly theme or template

The first step is to select a mobile-responsive theme or template. Because having a mobile-responsive design is so vital, almost every leading website builder has included it in each of their templates. Also hiring an experienced responsive web design company in Coimbatore for your requirements.

If you're using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, ensure the theme you chose is mobile-friendly.

Tone down your content

You have chosen a beautiful responsive theme or template but you're ready yet. Switching to the appropriate template or theme is a big step, but it's only one of several you should take to improve your mobile experience.

Make sure that your graphics and CSS are as light as possible

It's usually a good idea to make your website as light as possible, but what exactly does that imply? Each element on your website has a virtual 'weight,' whether it's a video or an image with a file size, or code that must be loaded every time the page is visited. Google has made it obvious that website speed is a critical ranking element, which means that slow websites will fall behind their competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Change the size and location of the buttons

Buttons are used on almost every website to link to other areas or forms during mobile friendly website design service. However, if a 'good' button is in the wrong place or is the incorrect size on a mobile device, it may soon become a 'poor' button.

A mobile friendly website design company has to consider how they would handle and operate a phone. Because you probably use your thumbs for almost everything, anything you can't reach with your thumb becomes a major pain.

Use appropriate font size that easy to read

On the desktop, a font size of at least 14px is ideal, but make sure you test it out on your mobile version as well when availing mobile friendly website design service. You may discover that it appears a little and you'll want to increase it.

Also, mobile friendly website Design Company has to double-check the font's readability. On a desktop, it's one thing to try a more experimental typeface, but it's unlikely to pay off on mobile. However, across all platforms, you'll want to keep typefaces as consistent as feasible.

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