Benefits of Responsive Web Design for SEO

Responsive web design has become a necessity instead of a luxury in today's competitive digital landscape. More than 60% of all queries within search engines are made via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a responsive web designing company in Coimbatore, Cloud Dreams suffices Google's regularities and helps you reach a higher ranking.

Web designers and web development platforms alike now use responsive website design services in Coimbatore as a standard, which was once an innovative design approach. Because of the recent switch to a "mobile-first" index by Google, responsive design was never more important for SEO. Asides from designing responsive web development services in Coimbatore has garnered more attention.


Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design:

Mobile First

Cloud Dreams, a responsive website creator in Coimbatore believes quality content and search engine optimization are just as important for responsive web design. Mobile-friendliness is implemented by Google as a ranking factor, following the plan to make the index mobile-friendly by default. In other words, all other things being equal, the competitor's site will likely outrank yours if it is NOT mobile-friendly. By being the best responsive mobile websites developers in Coimbatore we have helped several businesses to have their very own mobile-friendly websites.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

Many companies utilize both a desktop and mobile version of their website. If you are guilty of this, you are not the only one. Sometimes, this results in duplicate content across the web. Any unique URL is eligible to be considered a unique page or site by Google bots. We are also the best SEO company in Coimbatore, well known for our services.

Lower Bounce Rate

As the best SEO service providers in Coimbatore, we know visitor statistics and user behavior on your pages matter. Google's aim is to provide the best possible user experience for every search query, so it ranks the sites that offer it the highest.

Indicators of a poor experience may include:

• High bounce rates

• Low time spent on page / site

• Low number of page views

• Low number of clicks

A poor mobile experience will prevent users from staying on your website or using it to complete their search objective, as evidenced by the aforementioned Google study.

Faster Loading Speeds

If your site loads over three seconds late, you could lose between 40 and 50% of your visitors, according to research. One more study reveals that about 79% of disappointed visitors will stop returning to your site. A quick page load speed has a well-documented influence on how customers perceive your site. Google is also very transparent about load speed as a ranking factor.

User Experience

A website's user experience, including visitors' expectations, should be given precedence over fancy designs and UI structures and being an SEO consultancy services in Coimbatore that is what we do. In order to achieve an excellent user experience, you should consider structure, navigation, mobile-friendliness, and ease of access. In a responsive website, the user experience is prioritized and the website is mobile-friendly. With Cloud Dreams getting a mobile-friendly website that performs well in the SEO aspects is possible since we guarantee affordable SEO services in Coimbatore to businesses.